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Sep 29 2012

Days like yesterday are why I teach

Yesterday, my kids had their first math test of the year after two days of having a substitute. On Wednesday, I took a personal day so I could attend Yom Kippur services and then on Thursday I was out due to professional development. I was nervous that my 6th graders would be angry, or at least annoyed, by the fact that I wasn’t in school for the two days leading up to the test. However, on Friday I got so many hugs and heard so many exclamations of “WE MISSED YOU!” or “Where were you?? I was scared that you weren’t my teacher anymore!” that I could not help but smile. Even better, I did not hear ONE child complain about the test.

Even though I definitely need tomorrow to plan and relax, I cannot wait to give them my all this week- they ROCK :-)

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